10 Reasons To Buy NEW In The New Year!

Are you considering the pros and cons of a new home versus a used home?  The pros pretty much outweigh the cons, and here’s a list of ten reasons why!
1.     You can make a truly fresh start in a brand new Elite Built Home! No one else has ever lived there… it’s all yours!
2.     Your new home, and the beautiful products that comprise it, are all brand-new and under warranty!
3.     New homes are designed to be low maintenance, yet high style.  Our home are made of cutting-edge building products that require less care and maintenance.
4.     Nothing beats that “New Home” feeling. You could replace all of the windows in a resale home, add insulation and replace outdated systems. But why bother? Buy a brand new, all-you custom Elite Home!
5.     You can have it YOUR way. One of the benefits of buying a brand new Elite Home is customization. Pick your cabinets, flooring, carpets, light fixtures, etc. to fit YOUR lifestyle.
6.     New Elite Built Homes have a longer life expectancy than existing homes, giving them a longer period of time to appreciate in value.
7.     Many of our new homes offer energy-efficient windows and appliances, energy-conserving, long-lasting LED lighting and more… all features that decrease the your costs and carbon footprint.
8.     Safety is a concern for any homeowner, whether buying new or old. But, when you buy a new home, you save yourself some worry since everything is brand new and environmentally friendly.
9.     Custom Elite Built Homes are designed to fit the way you live, with convenient features like walk-in closets, kitchen pantries, finished basements, attics with storage… and plenty of room to grow. With resale homes, you may find that space is limited.
10.  Buying a brand new home means that it’s yours from day one. It’s your home, and it reflects your family, your style and your taste.

Elite Homes builds beautiful garden home communities perfect for baby boomers 55+ – featuring, single-family, low-maintenance homes, in a relaxing and convenient locations around Louisville.

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