Buying New Furniture for Your New Home!

Nice furniture can be a pretty big investment, but at some point, the sofa that’s been with you through four apartments and one bad-tempered cat has to go. It’s time to go shopping for your new Elite Built home! Here are some tips for saving time and money as you search for new furniture for your home in Louisville.

1.     Know What You’re Buying. Buying furniture is a complex affair. It takes time and patience to figure out what you want and what works in your space. But now, you can go window-shopping from the comfort of your home. Make sure you compare similar products from different stores or websites. Get a feel for what you want, and what you can realistically afford.

3.     Smart Sales. Buying something on sale obviously saves money, but furniture is a little trickier. Prices fluctuate throughout the year, so you have to time your purchase right. New product is debuted twice a year (usually spring & fall), so for 2 to 3 months prior, furniture companies are trying to get rid of inventory by offering good deals.

4.     Look At The Label. Many pieces are made of a mixture of woods or small pieces glued together, and may crack because the wood may be weaker or not constructed properly. Actual solid wood usually lasts longer because it isn’t weakened by composition. If you’re not enough of an expert to recognize the difference, make sure you get a one-year warranty for both the parts and labor.

5.     Stick to Neutral Colors for Large Pieces.  You might love orange, but not everyone does, and manufacturers know this. Bolder color palettes mean a higher price because they don’t have mass appeal. Instead, manufacturers produce more neutrals and sell them at a lower price. So, if you want a red, gray and white room, and want to save money, look for sofas and chairs in grey or white, and use red as the accent color on throw pillows, lamps, or the rug.

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