Decorating Your Elite Home for Halloween

Here in Louisville, ghosts, goblins and witches have officially started emerging from attics and storage of the Elite Built Homes. As eerie and spook-tacular as the Halloween holiday is meant to be, some decorations are better off staying packed away. Instead, check out these fun craft ideas that will make tastefully decorating your home for Halloween as easy as (pumpkin) pie!
Pumpkin Decorations
Swap out your carving tools for a paintbrush and scissors! Try something new with your pumpkins this year by adding glitter, paint or greenery.  Create a pumpkin vase for flowers, a base for candles or a canvas for a leafy fall scene. These classy pumpkin decorations are just as fun to create with the family, but add a touch of creativity and sophistication to your home.
Creepy Crawlers
Having a dinner party? Get some inexpensive white plates, and with black ceramic paint, draw on some tiny crawlers. Add a couple store bought plastic spiders to each place setting to create the illusion that they’re crawling off your plate on onto your silverware!
Mummy Piñatas
Become the coolesthouse on the block by giving your trick-or-treaters these mini mummy piñatas! Start saving those toilet paper rolls now because once wrapped in a little white tape or gauze with space for two googley eyes, you’ve got a little homemade mummy! Before covering both ends of the roll, stuff the inside with some candy, so the kids get to unwrap their mummy to enjoy their treats!
Mad Scientist’s Concoctions
A couple of lidded jars filled with water, food coloring and your choice of foliage or props are the perfect mantel decorations or centerpieces. Tint the water with orange, red and other colors of the season, while choosing your favorite flowers, dried leaves or even plastic insects to create your unique, unnerving concoctions.
Mason Jar Luminaries
As an amusing decoration with little effort, these mason jars are a great craft for the kids. Buy some Halloween-themed stencils (pumpkins, bats, ghosts, etc.) and tape them to the front of a glass mason jar. Paint over the stencil and on the remaining parts of the jar in your favorite seasonal color. Once dry, remove the stencil and fill the jar with a glow stick or candle. Watch the light shine throw and illuminate your fun Halloween shapes!

A couple of these DIY Halloween decorations are an easy way to create a fun, spooky ambience in your home! Your kids will love the look of their very own Haunted House, while friends and neighbors appreciate the sophistication of your Halloween décor!

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