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The walls and ceiling in your home were constructed with American made drywall. Drywall is the industry standard for wall and ceiling construction. It consists of a “gypsum” plaster core pressed between two sheets of paper. Drywall is ideal for new home construction as it readily accepts a wide range of paints and finishes.

The drywall installed in your home should not show imperfections under normal lighting conditions viewed six feet from the surface. However, the nature of drywall is it will show minor surface irregularities, especially in amply lit areas. In ample light conditions, minor surface irregularities can be minimized with the use of draperies and blinds, which soften shadows. In general, when installing custom paints in your home, gloss, semi-g loss, and other high paint products can highlight surface irregularities as well.

Care should be taken to maintain a consistent temperature in your new home throughout the seasons to prevent stress on the drywall.

Due to the inherent qualities and characteristics of drywall, it is not unusual for slight imperfections, such as nail pops and hairline cracks to develop during the first year of occupancy. Recognizing this fact, Elite Homes offers an optional ONE TIME Drywall Settlement Repair.

The ONE TIME Drywall Repair expires 12 months after your closing date. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to send in the drywall certificate to schedule this work.

The ONE TIME Drywall Repair is designated to address the following which commonly occur as part of the settlement process that will take place in your home. These items are the items that meet the criteria defined in the scope covered with this service:

  • Nail pops where cracking of the drywall surface is observed
  • Visible hairline/stress cracks and blisters in spackle or drywall
  • Exposed corner bead areas

During the service repaired areas will receive a ONE-TIME spackle application. Once the affected areas are repaired they will be sanded as needed and touched up with the paint product used during construction of your home. Alterations of original paint will void this service in those areas.

The purpose of this service is to address settlement items only. All other normal maintenance and wear and tear such as stained and damaged walls not related to nail pops or settlement cracks are not covered by this service. We want to make sure you can plan properly for this service; the process may take up to a week to complete, when scheduling verify with the contractor the time needed.

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Upon successful form submission you will received a confirmation email.  Please ensure you check your junk folder and add [email protected] to your safe senders list.  Prior to submitting your request, we suggest you review the Home Owner’s Limited Warranty and NAHB Performance Standards to assist in determining if the item is potentially covered by the Home Owner’s Limited Warranty, a separate manufacturer’s warranty, or if it is your maintenance responsibility.

Please note that our on-site sales and construction personnel are not equipped to accept service requests in your community.

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