Five Ways for Homeowners to Create a “White Done Right” Bedroom!

An emerging decorating trend for homeowners in 2016 is white and shades of off-white. But according to Houzz, even though white goes with anything and everything, it can still be tricky!  Be sure to highlight architectural details, use charming furniture, and add funky accessories.  Here are five of our best tips:
1.     Emphasize architectural details. Texture, interesting architecture, unusual nooks or alcoves. Highlight rustic exposed wood framing or painted wood walls & ceilings. Create a handful of focal points that create ambience. Use organic materials, such as a natural-fiber rug.
2.     Lighting.While it’s true that all white or mostly white rooms will feel lighter, and airier, they still need light — preferably warm white light in order not to feel sterile.
3.     Sheen. Often overlooked in design choices is sheen, the reflective quality of a surface. Adding shiny metallics or other sparkly finishes to a bedroom can help jazz up plain white walls or ceilings. A little bit goes a long way, though.
4.    Layers of off-white.An easy way to break up an all-white space is to layer in off-white hues. If you prefer a warmer palette, use light tans. For a cooler palette, incorporate light grays. For those who want a little more color but want to keep it neutral, try mixing whites, darker grays and browns. It’s visually interesting and warm, without going over the top with color.

5.     Accessories.If your room isn’t blessed with charming architectural details, you can add appeal with funky furniture and interesting accessories. Vintage chairs, mismatched tables, velvety pillows, chenille throws, modern artwork, burnished mirrors – it’s all about the little details.

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