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7 Garden Home Communities Throughout Louisville

An Elite Garden Home is an energy efficient home right-sized to match your lifestyle. Maintenance chores like mowing the lawn, irrigation, and landscaping are maintenance hassles of the past letting you enjoy time with family and friends. Explore our garden community homes below.

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16218 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40245
(502) 245-6159

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Priced From: $337,900
Sq Ft Range: 1,725 – 2,254
Number: 502-716-5813

Priced From: $347,900
Sq Ft Range: 1,725 – 2,254
Number: 502-805-0207

Right-Size, Right In Louisville

Priced From: $302,900
Sq Ft Range: 1,725 – 2,254
Number: 502-716-5842

Priced From: $334,900
Sq Ft Range: 1,725 – 2,254
Number: 502-805-0389

Priced From: $371,900
Sq Ft Range: 1,725 – 2,254
Number: 502-716-5853

Live The Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

Priced From: $316,900
Sq Ft Range: 1,801 – 1,819
Number: 502-716-5826

Priced From: $274,900
Sq Ft Range: 1,725 – 2,254
Number: 502-716-5832

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At Elite Homes, our commitment to excellence means a commitment to you. We realize that each client has unique tastes and lifestyle. So we listen to your concerns and needs. And we respond accordingly.

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