Goodbye to Summer and Goodbye to Junk!

If you’re putting off any major new home cleanup at your Elite Home until spring rolls around in Louisville, you’re just adding to your workload.  Spring cleaning is old news; the best time to start cleaning is right now.  As the kids head back to the great schools around our communities, take advantage of the time to welcome the new season with a fresh start. Say goodbye to summer by saying goodbye to the junk! 
Old Binders and Folders
Unless you have some binders and notebooks from the past that can survive another year, make a clean sweep of your used materials before you replace them.  A new school year is a great excuse for new supplies, so before you go shopping, look into various donation options such as Home Depot’s recycling program.
Summer ClothesAny summer clothes that you didn’t really wear this year or are pretty worn out will most likely get replaced by next summer anyway.  While prioritizing your fall wardrobe in your closet, make space for new clothing by tossing or donating old shirts, shorts, bathing suits, flip flops, etc.
Beach/Pool Toys
These toys get a lot of use throughout the summer, so if they’re beat up, throw them out.  Any old pool noodles, broken shovels, deflating rafts and rusty beach chairs are easy to throw in storage and forget about them until next year, so throw them out! 
Running Shoes
Most sneakers get about 400-600 miles of walking or running before they’re spent. Look for signs like worn-down tread, ripped toes or thin sock-liners, and make the call if it’s time for them to go. Check out various recycling programs that will gladly take an old pair of your hands in order to help others who need them.

Plastic Tupperware
After so many uses, plastic containers can get discolored or warped.  They can also be easy to over-collect to the point where they’re just cluttering your kitchen. 

AC Filter
Your AC has been running all summer, so now it’s time to check and replace the filters for the upcoming year. The hot summer days of heavy AC use are over, so swap them out now.
Outdated Electronics
You may be hesitant to get rid of that tangled mess of old headphone wires and chargers, but when’s the last time you’ve really used them? If it’s been more than 6 months, it’s time to let go.  Same with old iPods, phones and other electronics that you have since replaced with newer models.

Why wait for a fresh start by putting off the inevitable. As the season changes and everyone is getting back into their busy routines, there’s no better time to say goodbye to the junk. So what are you waiting for?

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