Great gift ideas for new homeowners

Gifts for new homeowners come in a variety of categories – from bare necessities to gracious niceties.  There are things you need but don’t realize it… and things you need just to make it feel like home. Here are a few ideas for housewarming gifts that might hit the spot.


  • Gift cards. New homeowners need stuff – DIY stuff, decorating stuff, kitchen stuff… Gift cards to the local home improvement store, home goods store, or frame shop will go along way toward helping them make a new house into a home.
  • Monogrammed doormat. A nice touch – and a practical one when the weather is messy.
  • Fuzzy throw blankets. Everything feels homier when you’re curled up in a soft, warm blanket. Instant comfort.
  • Fancy scented candles. The warmth and light are great way to make a new place feel more like home in an instant, whether it’s basic vanilla or exotic jasmine.
  • Bluetooth speakers. Practically a necessity today, these come in a wide variety of styles, colors and price points.
  • Matching coffee/tea mugs. A great opportunity to ditch some of those mismatched, oddly acquired cups we all seem to have.
  • Nice coffee table book. Covering a wide range of subjects, coffee table books can speak to hobbies, professions, geography – pretty much anything.
  • Dart board or collector’s edition of a favorite game. A great way to break the ice with new neighbors or reinstitute game nights.
  • Tool kit. Depending on how experienced the homeowner, it can be a full tool kit or maybe just new drill bits or ratchets.

Key holder. Losing your keys is never fun. A key holder by the door is one of the best ways to keep your keys where you can find them.

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