High tech devices that will take your home into the space age!

The inevitable march of technology is amazing. Think of the things we have today that were pure imagination not so long ago – the iPod, lightweight TVs that can hang anywhere, smart phones that can access anything, wireless everything. After years of yearning, the age of The Jetsons has begun! The recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) introduced a variety of gadgets that deliver on the promise for home technology that is bigger, better, faster.
The biggest trend? Smart-home living, as tablets and smartphones promote a connected lifestyle, enabling us to access and control practically anything from anywhere at anytime. The most common reasons for adopting new technology?
  •       Save money
  •       Climate control
  •       Energy management
  •       Remote home monitoring
  •       Lighting control.

There are also tons of products and gadgets that feed our insatiable need for something new…

  •  The next generation of TV screens – Super thin and super hi-def. Sometimes even curved.
  • Sleep trackers – A variety of wrist monitors, sensor mats, smart phone apps that track your sleep and make suggestions on how to sleep better.
  •  Smart locks – Unlock your door with the tip of your finger. Monitor who comes & goes.
  • Smart slow cookers – A new meaning for “Checking on dinner”.  You can adjust your slow cooker remotely from your phone/tablet.
  •  Robot vacuum cleaners – More varieties of these little guys that clean while you’re not home. Some are smarter – and more expensive – than others.  
  • LED light bulbs – They react to where you place them, using embedded sensors to detect movement and changes in light levels. There are also LED light fixtures that have built-in speakers or act as WiFi boosters.
  • WiFi speakers – They detect your device/music app, and start playing music. And you can text them with commands, like “turn music off in an hour.”
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