How Elite’s Energy-Efficient Homes Benefit You

As one of Louisville’s most innovative builders, we understand the importance of building energy efficient homes. That’s why every Elite-built home is an Elite Power Saver, which means it’s one of the most energy efficient homes on the market today. Energy efficiency is so important to us that we go beyond what’s legally required of new construction homes.

Established by the Residential Energy Services Network, the HERS index rates the energy efficiency of homes. A home built to the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code has a HERS rating of 100, while a home that uses zero energy has a HERS rating of zero.

Due to our unique framing techniques and increased use of energy efficient products, all Elite-built homes have HERS ratings of 70 or lower, with some even being as low as 40.

While the environmental benefits of energy efficiency may not impact you for decades to come, the personal benefits can be felt your first month living in your Elite-built home.

3 Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

1. Save Money

Elite-built homes are designed to use less electricity, gas, and water, which will reduce your bill for all three of these household expenses. We also construct our homes with advanced framing techniques and energy efficient Pella windows that minimize air leaks, ensuring you don’t waste money air-conditioning the outdoors.

2. Improve Air Quality and Reduce Moisture

Many of our homes utilize controlled airflow and ventilation systems to keep the air inside the residence fresh and clean. These systems also reduce the amount of moisture inside your home, which minimizes condensation, peeling paint, musty odors, and the risk of mold.

3. Tax Incentives

Living in Kentucky, there may be tax credits and other incentives available when you purchase your new energy efficient home. Visit to learn more about these tax benefits.

Purchase Your Energy Efficient Home

Now that you know the many ways that an energy efficient Elite-built home benefits you, it’s time to claim one for yourself. Click here for a list of our move-in ready homes, located throughout the Greater Louisville area.

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