How to Move into Your Elite Home Like a Pro

Despite your excitement about your new Elite Built Home in Louisville, chances are you’re not as excited about the actual moving part. The good news is that we have a few tips and tricks to help you get more involved without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of a professional mover.  As your big day starts approaching, here’s how you can be sure to move like a pro!
Ask Yourself these Questions:
  • When is the official move out date?
  • What can we live without and get rid of before the move?
  • What packing supplies do we need?
  • What needs to be canceled at current house and what needs to be set up at the new home: utilities, internet, address changes, doctors, etc.
  • What will we need immediately after the move?
Know your Timeline.  Moving isn’t an overnight process, so make it easier by starting to gradually remove junk and pack up smaller items a couple months out.
Remove the Junk. No matter how long you’ve been in your current home, you’ve most likely acquired a lot of “stuff.” Start going through each room and figure out what you can live without. Toss old items, hold a garage sale or donate them to a local organization.  The less you have to move, the better.
Snap Some Photos. Take quick photos of various TV/cable wires and other complicated assembly items to reference when you’re setting them back up in the new place.
Use Other Household Items to Help Pack. There are a lot of different items that you plan to take with you that can be used to help transport others. Use blankets and sheets to wrap picture frames and vases, while throwing spices and other kitchen items into trashcans, baskets or even crock-pots. They’ve all got to get to the new place somehow so why not multi-purpose them!
Buy and Resell Packing Materials. A lot of home improvement stores will have boxes for purchase, but try asking friends or other stores if they have some they’ve saved or need to dispose of. Websites like Craigslist also have free or inexpensive moving boxes available. When the move is over, break everything down and use the same resources to resell everything.  
Color Coordinate Rooms with Duct Tape. Aside from labeling ALL sides of the boxes, assign each room a colored duct tape to mark the boxes so it’s even easier to identify and organize once you’re unloading.
Don’t Overpack Boxes. You may be able to stuff A LOT into your boxes, but try to plan ahead by weight. Fill smaller boxes with heavier items so they stay about 50 lbs. or less, while trying to keep similar items together.

Separate Your First Day Essentials. Plan an overnight bag for each person that contains his or her specific toiletries and change of clothing. This bag is also a great place for laptops and other important electronics.  Anything else that you may need in the first 24 hours (i.e. trashbags, cookware, toilet paper, etc.) should be packed in a clear storage box so it sticks out from other boxes in the truck. It’ll be easy to find, so you’re prepared for the first night in your new home!

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