Keeping your Pet Calm During the Move

So you’re moving into a new home – what an exciting time! Your pet(s) may need some extra love and attention to keep them safe, comfortable and happy. Relocating pets takes understanding, care and an investment of time that starts long before moving day!

Before the move
-Pack gradually, so your pet will get accustomed to change. Choose one room in your house, and fill it with items your pet loves. On moving day, keep your pet in this room until you’re ready to leave.  
-Take a trial run. If your pet is not used to traveling by car, make short trips with it a week or two in advance. Cats are often frightened by car travel, but they usually adjust quickly.
-Pack a bag for your pet, filled with fresh food, treats, water, two bowls, toys, a leash and some long-lasting edible or durable chew toys.

On the road
-Plan to make a few stops. This will allow your pet to get a drink, stretch their legs and take a restroom break. (Remember your pet is very excited about the change in scenery and may need to potty more frequently.)
-Not all moves are done in one day. If you are on the road, call pet-friendly hotels along your route and verify individual pet policies. 

If you’re flying…
-Call the professionals. If possible, use a certified pet carrier service to relocate your pet to ensure that the pet’s travel will go smoothly.
-Check with the airline. If traveling by air, check the airline requirements so you can take steps to keep your pet safe. Some airlines allow pets in the cabin, depending on the animal’s size.

New home sweet home
-Food and water first. Once your pet is in the new location, make sure that he or she gets food and water. Place the bowls several feet from each other, though, so that your pet pet doesn’t gulp down the water too fast. 
-Once you are in the new location, keep your pet in a quiet place of your home, during the unpacking. Introduce him or her gradually to their new surroundings. 

-Settle in to your new home. Once your pet is home, be sure to spend time with him or her. They’ve earned it, and it’s also important that your pet feels comfortable before letting them roam the house or walk off the leash!

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