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Spring Has a New Look

Life is made of new beginnings. Whether it’s a new marriage, a newborn baby, your children moving out, or retiring from your job, each of these pivotal moments marks a new chapter in your life. 

Often times, these new chapters create a new lifestyle, which could be better served by a new home. Though the home you choose may be new to you, it could come with a world of problems if it was built and lived in for many years before.

On the other hand, if you buy a new-construction home from Elite Homes, you get to start with a clean slate. Continue reading for three more benefits of purchasing an Elite-built new-construction home.

3 Benefits of a New-Construction Home from Elite

  1. More Reliable: While old homes are built to meet outdated requirements, each Elite-built home is built to exceed even the most current construction standards. Each home also features a new roof, corrosion-proof PEX water lines, a new Trane® 14 SEER HVAC System, fluid applied foundation wall waterproofing with a 10-year limited warranty, and new appliances. Because everything is new, and usually covered by a warranty, it’s less likely you’ll have to shoulder the cost of repairs within the first few years of homeownership.
  2. More Energy Efficient: Every Elite Home is a Power Saver home. That means that each Elite home comes standard with many energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products. These include energy-efficient GE appliances, LED light bulbs, and Pella® Low-E Windows, as well as draft-eliminating features such as a Tyvek® Air & Water Barrier, micro caulk air sealing, and blown in cellulose wall insulation & R-40 insulation in your attic.
  3. More Like You. When you buy an old home, you’re also buying someone else’s style. That old shag carpet, floral wallpaper, and laminate cabinets that the previous owner loved are now your problem. Luckily, if you purchase an Elite-built home, you can visit our design center where you can pick out every option in your new home, from wood flooring and granite countertops to brick exteriors and Sherwin Williams paint colors.

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