The Benefits of Open-Concept Living

You’ve been home more than ever the last several weeks, and the more time you spend at home the more you’re ready for a change.  Open-concept living has been a buzz word for years.  The large open walls from one end of the house to the other has homeowners loving how even the smallest homes still feel spacious.  There are additional benefits you may not have realized, which can put some serious money back in your pocket.

Improved Energy Efficiency

This benefit goes beyond the beauty of your home. Rooms which are wide-open are easier to heat and cool, which cuts down on energy bills and utilities during hot or cold months. Not only are your utility bills lower, but open-concept power saver homes have  less wear and tear on the equipment that heats and cools your home. Who doesn’t love saving money?  

More Livable Square Footage

Fewer walls mean more space to move around – and less wasted space. Elite Homes floorplans are designed by some of the top architects in the country.  Instead of confining hallways and separation between each room (which can take up valuable square footage), open-concept homes flow from one area to the next without division. There are more options to add in and move around furniture or statement pieces. And you can easily connect your indoor living space to your outdoor space.

Turn The lights Off And the Air Flow Up

Kentucky is beaming with natural light, and letting the sunshine in cuts down on those always rising energy bills.  Because you won’t need to turn on your lights quite as much, open-concept homes naturally seem lighter and airier than floor plans with separated rooms. When you think about it, light can travel from one side of the home to the next without obstruction! This also impacts airflow – and temperature. Breezes can move from one side of the house to the next, improving the flow of air across your entire home.  Who doesn’t love that?

Makes Smaller Spaces Feel Bigger

Open-concept floor plans, especially in low-maintenance garden homes make even the smallest homes seem bigger. With the amount of time you will spend wondering around your home, it’s important to feel relaxed. Being able to move freely around your homes will make that even easier. Your home is your safe place, make it connected and whole rather than separated and distant.

You can see now why the open-concept floorplan has become so popular. It’s excellent for new construction homes, especially since we are home now more than ever.  You can make your home brighter, less expensive, and more spacious by doing away with walls.  Start your new home buying journey today!

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