Time to get organized! Tips for Seasonal Storage.

The changing of the seasons from warmer to cooler weather usually inspires us to start cleaning things up, stowing them away for winter. This year, go from fall to winter smoothly with these tips.  
·       Change of seasons is the perfect opportunity to get organized. Time to sort through your shelves, drawers and closets, and purge anything you haven’t used recently. That means clothing, books, shoes, accessories, decorative items – everything!  Get rid of anything not used in the past 12 months.
·       Getting organized usually comes down to one basic concept – a place for everything, and everything in its place.  If you create a dedicated area for things – and use it all the time – your stuff will stay organized.
·       De-clutter kitchen drawers periodically to keep from accumulating outdated flyers, menus, magazines and newspapers. This will open them up so you can store more day-to-day items that you need to quickly reach.
·       Don’t forget to de-clutter files, too. Many household financial documents and papers may be available online through the provider’s website. If that is the case, discard old financial statements or bills that you can access electronically. Invest in a paper shredder for these documents to protect your identity and accounts.
·       Buy budget friendly containers that slide under furniture (sofas or beds) for off-season blankets, bedding, clothing, etc.
·       Don’t waste space! Move rarely accessed or out of season items onto higher shelves or into the attic or shed.
·       Do you have enough storage space? Or the right kind of storage space? Built-in cabinetry is a possible solution. If you’re considering built-in cabinetry, think of the space it will go in. And how you want to use it.  Consider open shelves, closed drawers, and space for bins or baskets!
·       Before reconfiguring a closet, think of how you use it. Do you have items that are longer – coats, dresses, trousers? Make sure you create a space that’s long enough to accommodate them. Do you fold and stack shirts & sweaters? Then you’ll need plenty of open shelving. Don’t forget to include a system for corralling belts, scarves, socks, purses and jewelry.
·       If you are looking to replace old, worn-out furniture in your home, consider buying pieces that also can serve as storage. Consider a coffee table that has drawers or an ottoman that can open up and double as storage space.
The bottom line? Efficient use of space and thorough organization are the keys to flawless seasonal storage.
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