Tips for Fall Lawn Care!

You’ve spent the summer months in Louisville mowing, watering, weeding and feeding your lawn, and your hard work has really paid off.  Don’t stop now! Fall is your prime opportunity to give your Elite Homes’ lawn the boost it needs to weather the winter and come back strong in the spring.

Here are some easy yet vital fall lawn projects that they recommend.

·       Feed your lawn. The difference between an average yard and a beautiful yard next spring is fall feeding. Feeding in early September, and again 6-8 weeks later, helps the lawn begin rebuilding roots that were damaged during the hot, dry summer. Since this is also a great time to kill weeds, you can do two jobs at once by applying a weed and feed.

·       Reseed your lawn. Kids playing on a summer-damaged lawn can actually kill it. Show your lawn some love by reseeding with a quality grass seed mix. After that, just keep the seed and young grass watered with a light misting once or twice a d

ay until the seedlings have reached a mowing height.

·       Mulch your leaves. Contrary to popular belief, fallen tree leaves will not insulate the lawn during winter. In fact, they block the sun and cause your grass to thin. Forget the rake; mulch leaves to dime-sized pieces with your lawn mower, and then apply your fall feeding.

·       Mow your lawn shorter. In late fall, drop the mower down and cut your lawn 1-2 inches shorter than you have been. Continue to mow shorter until the grass stops growing in early winter. Then cut your lawn slightly lower for the last cut.

·       Clean up your tools. They’ve served you well, but now it’s time to put the tools away. Keep them from rusting by cleaning them before putting them into storage. Also, if you’re finished mowing for the year, do your winter mower maintenance.

·       Take good care of your mower. With proper maintenance, your lawnmower can last for many years. Regular mower maintenance will also give you a better-looking lawn and ensure that the machine is ready when you need it. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, mower repair shops, garden centers, and hardware stores offer annual maintenance services. They’re always busy in the spring, so it’s best to take it to the shop in the fall.

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