Tips for Keeping Cool this Summer!

We know, it’s toasty in Louisville lately. As the days get hotter, we all look for ways of cooling off. (Especially if you have kids!) If you have a pool, then you’re pretty much set. But what if there’s no pool in your future? We’ve got some fun ideas for keeping your cool both inside and outside of your home.

Have a water balloon toss.
This is a great spur-of-the-moment way to cool down. All you need are a few balloons and access to some water. This idea also works well if you have a limited amount of space, since you can toss balloons in a small area of grass or even in an alley behind your home or apartment. And older kids will like the challenge as well as younger ones, especially if you add a challenge to the toss.

Play “Splat”.
A variation on the water balloon toss. Fill a dozen water balloons and take turns throwing them high into the air over the driveway or sidewalk. Make sure they pop on impact because you’re competing to see who can make the biggest water splat. Use chalk to trace the outline of the watermark and determine who won.

Make your own water park.
Kids love water parks, but a trek to the water park is difficult to do on short notice and can be expensive. Instead, make up some water games in your own backyard. Set up the sprinkler. For added fun, let the kids take turns adjusting it so no one knows who is going to get wet next. If you don’t have one, you can build your own Slip n Slide. Play jump rope with the stream of water coming from the hose. Let kids bob for apples in a kiddie pool. Make sure everyone has a towel and there’s a designated dry spot.

Have a party… Inside!
The desire to do everything outside is common in the summer. But some days, it’s just too hot. Instead, set up an indoor party with a fun theme and let your kids invite their friends. Crank up the air conditioning so everyone enjoys being cool. Try a Hawaiian or a California Cool theme. Christmas in July parties are fun, too, and may help people feel cooler, even if they aren’t.

Host a movie in the afternoon.
Most people think of having movie nights, but movie afternoons are great for kids, especially when it’s hot. Let your kids pick a movie (or take turns, if they can’t agree), invite a few friends, and you’re ready to go. Just close the curtains/window shades, pop some popcorn and make sure each of the kids has a drink before the movie starts.

Ice cream picnic.
If you have a shady area of your backyard, have an ice cream social. Spread out a sheet or blanket, and have everyone design their own ice cream sundaes topped with sprinkles, cherries or other favorite toppings. Construct a makeshift tent over the picnic area by spreading a lightweight blanket or sheet between trees or use poles to hold the ‘tent’ up. This will keep kids out of direct sunlight as they enjoy their ice cream.

Make smoothies.
A healthier alternative to ice cream. Blend a nutritious, delicious frozen fruit drink. Let the kids help you load a blender with a half cup of ice cubes and whatever fruit they select — mangoes, strawberries, bananas and pineapples work best. Add a little water or juice to allow it to mix smoothly. Then help the kids blend until the mixture is smooth. The natural fruit is sweet enough that no extra sugar is needed. Garnish with a straw or paper umbrella and enjoy.

Eat cold meals.
Just as drinking a nice cold cocktail cools your body, eating cold food helps keep your internal temperature lower on a hot day. Try simple salads or cold soups. If you do cook, use the grill or the microwave — the oven and stove will only make your kitchen hotter.

No matter what, keep hydrated. 
Whether it’s a nice cold cocktail for you, or some lemonade or water for the kids, keeping hydrated in the heat is an absolute necessity.

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