Tips for making your kids’ rooms the coolest

Children’s rooms are quickly gaining equal footing with the other spaces in a home. Parents have started to realize that spending a little more time and money on the kids’ rooms will pay off in later years. Not to mention that the kids’ rooms can easily be the coolest part of the house!

While decorating is a huge part of this blog, a few design-savvy tips first.
  •  Don’t design for babies & toddlers. Design for the bigger kids they’ll become. Planning ahead saves you from having to completely re-do their rooms in a few years. Buy good quality furniture that will last, through the crayons and the jumping on the bed!
  •  Consider built-in shelves and/or a desk. It’s practical, space-saving, and can be used if you eventually turn the room into an office.
  • Don’t spend money on trends. If your daughter wants a trendy look, stick to pillows, lamps and area rugs that can be switched out when new colors and patterns become popular.
Now, some tips for creating a cool room!
  • Ask your child for their input! What you’re envisioning may not be what they’re envisioning. Let the room reflect THEIR personality – not yours.
  •  Pick a theme. What’s their hobby, talent or current obsession? From football to Star Wars, ballet to pirate ships, you can find or make features, furniture and accessories to carry your theme from the ceiling to the floors.
  • Don’t forget to utilize the wall space! Especially if it’s a small room. A mural, chalkboard paint, stripes, patterns… the walls can make your theme come to life!
  • The beddoesn’t have to be a traditional bed. Consider bunk beds, loft beds, beds tucked under the eaves, daybeds, canopy beds – even racecar beds.
  •  Storage doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, if you make it a fun part of the design, your kids will love cleaning up! Try built-ins, cubbies, baskets, bins, window seats, or benches. 

Just remember to have fun. Make it a room that you and your child will want love to spend time in. A room that reflects how cool your kid who lives in it is!

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