What 2015 Décor Trends Are In And Out For The New Year?

2015 was the year of overused décor trends that are no longer being recommended to ring in the new year:
  •        antlers and animal heads
  •        writing on the walls
  •        minimalist chic
  •        skull accessories
  •        rustic metal lettering 

Home design experts advise stagers and sellers to adopt trends carefully.  While adding a focal point is a nice idea, you don’t want the “look” to be so specific or odd that it goes out of date quickly. Tastefully done accent walls or interesting pieces of furniture can add interest without going down the “strange and soon-to-be outdated” path.

For 2016, one of the biggest developments is color! Pantone recently released its 2016 Spring FashionColor Report with its list of on-trend colors you’ll be seeing in clothing, home furnishings and accessories.

Here are Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for Spring:

  • Rose Quartz (light pink)
  • Peach Echo (deep peach)
  • Serenity (lighter blue)
  • Snorkel Blue (ocean blue)
  • Buttercup (bright yellow)
  • Limpet Shell (aqua)
  • Lilac Gray
  • Fiesta (red)
  • Iced Coffee
  •  Green Flash (bright green)

Just remember when you choose a trending color – or pattern or theme – don’t go overboard. Subtlety and restraint will help keep the trend from looking outdated before the paint dries! When in doubt – consult our very own Elite Homes’ Design Consultants! Happy decorating.

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